Bring Wife Lab to a group of women in your community or contact Julie to attend Wife Lab in San Jose, CA. starting January 17, 2018

Wife Lab(TM) is a 6-10 week course developed by Julie and designed to take women on a journey towards freedom in marriage. Julie fosters a safe environment for women to learn what it means to be a wife. Through rich conversation, prayer, journaling and digging into what God says in the bible, marriages are transformed. 

Julie shares openly from personal experience on topics such as prayer, sex and affection, a husband’s work, love and respect, leadership and communication.


“I am amazed at how differently I see my husband and our marriage. Six months ago I had no hope we would see another anniversary, I am in awe of how God used Wife Lab in the timeliest of ways. Working with Julie has completely transformed my faith, my heart, and my relationships with both God and my husband. Any woman who has the opportunity to work with Julie should not hesitate to do so.”       - Jennette, married 6 years, mother of 2, business owner

"Attending Julie’s Wife Lab was eye-opening for my marriage! After just 2 weeks, barriers between us came down and communication improved, ultimately leading us to a deeper intimacy. Julie's class has something for everyone. If you are married or want to be, this class is a must."       - Kelly, married 17 years, 2 kids and business owner

"I gained an exponential amount of wisdom from attending Wife Lab. I’ve seen the doors of communication and intimacy swing wide open. A confident wife is a beautiful and life giving wife.  And that is one of the greatest gifts I can give my husband.”     - Andrea, married 8 years, 2 kids